Neck – Spinal Cord Injury        $180,000.00

Employee injured neck.  Company doctor released to limited duty, and ended medical treatment after 3-4 months.  Employee returned to work with ongoing disability.  Employer/Self-Insured denied additional medical treatment, claiming the original injury had “resolved” itself, cut off disability checks, and then fired the employee.  I requested a hearing, got second opinion doctor, and re-instatement of weekly income benefits;  negotiated a change in physician, and additional medical treatment, including authorization for surgery on c-spine.

Lower Back injury         $135,000.00

Employee injured lower back.  Because of pre-existing back injury (not related to work), the Employer/Insurer cut off benefits and denied the claim after a few months, based on their company doctor, second opinion, stating the the on the job back injury had “resolved” itself, so that current problems were due to pre-existing injury.  I got opinions from two doctors that current injury and ongoing disability was all related to work and connected to new work injury, including an aggravation of the old injury.  One of those doctors performed a successful fusion surgery.

Shoulder injury      $67,500 + surgery and 4 months open medical treatment post-surgery

Company sent employee back to work at so called “light duty” but it was really just regular duty, before shoulder injury had fully healed.  Insurer then denied treatment and further income benefits, claiming the ongoing disability had not happened “on the job” and had not been properly reported.  I got a change ot a new doctor, who recommended surgery and said the injury was related to work.