Medical Workers’ Compensation Benefits

You always have the right to get the medical treatment you need for your injury.

In some circumstances, you can choose your own doctor.  If for example, the employer does not have a legal or valid panel of physicians available, or if they deny you medical treatment, then you can choose your own doctor.  In other circumstances, you will need to at least start with the company doctor.

You have the right to select a doctor from the panel, and a one time right to change doctors on a panel provided by your employer.

You are always entitled to a second opinion, through another company doctor, but also with an independent evaluation from a doctor you choose as well, which they may have to pay for.  This is very important to your claim, especially if the company doctor is not being fair to you or seems biased against your condition.  The entire claim in workers’ compensation turns on the documentation of the medical treatment.

These decisions are very important to your medical treatment, of course, but also to your claim.  We will help you with these decisions, and to take whatever action is necessary to make sure you get proper medical care after your injury.

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